March 20, 2017

“In 2015 after more than 25 years as a QPS member I was diagnosed with PTSD. My doctors on my behalf applied for work cover, which was promptly rejected. To cut a very long story short, I spent a significant amount of my own money and hired a lawyer. All I can say is the case put forward by my solicitors was not worth money.

I was introduced to Kate Rasmussen by a friend with the intention of getting information about the Work cover and regulator appeal system. I spent more than an hour talking to Kate about my predicament and how she could help me. An ex Police, Kate had been through the Work cover system and knew the pitfalls and troubles I now had in front of me.

For the next few months I spent countless hours talking to and emailing Kate all the information I could get. Whether I won or lost my case was no longer causing me sleepless nights, the fact I now had someone who KNEW what I was going through was better than all the medication I was taking.

It didn’t take long for Kate to help me with all the Court documents I required. Thanks to Kate I was able to submit some very lengthy and complicated court documents that I would have had no chance of completing myself.

To my astonishment and delight Kate produced my “facts and contentions” statement within a very short period of time. What I had paid thousands of dollars for a solicitor to do, Kate had done quickly and expertly. There was no comparison between the solicitor’s documents and those she had completed. I could only say that she made my solicitor look like an amateur. The investigator for “Qcomp” could not even put up an argument to counter our facts and contentions. After making a few veiled threats, with no basis, they decided that they would not contest my matter in court and accepted my work cover claim.  Without doubt it was the expertise, tenacity and willingness to take on the system by Kate that won my case. I cannot thank her enough for her Knowledge and persistence and would recommend anyone in a similar position should explore what options Kate can provide”